how you dress impacts how you show up in your business.

This is a guest post by Ashley Love @ The Classy CEO

I totally get it. When you decided to ditch the 9-5 life you thought that meant ditching “normal” clothes. That meant no more slacks, no more suits, no more dresses, showering daily is optional, etc. I won’t lie to you. I LOVE my yoga pants. I love working in bed. It is one of the major perks of working from home, am I right? But what if I said the way you dress every single day impacts how your business does? Say what?! Your business success is related to your fashion choice.

I know what you’re probably thinking. “Ashley, you’re totally nuts. I work from home and sometimes in bed. If no one is going to see me, why does it matter what I wear?” What you wear matters.

So when you run a business there’s a certain set of tools you need. You need an internet connection, maybe a printer, a computer and some skill you are offering your ideal client. That’s basically all you need, right? Wrong.

When you work a 9-5, you have access to all of those above-mentioned things with one caveat. You typically have a dress code of some sort. Some offices are more relaxed than others but showing up in yoga pants is typically not an option, unless you work in a gym and if that case, carry on. The reason for the dress code is because it changes your mindset. When you put on that suit, those jeans, that dress, etc. you transform from staying at home to business. The tools do not change, your skill set does not change but your attitude about those things does.

When working from home, it is so easy to stay in your yoga pants but what happens when you do that? It also becomes easy to stay on the couch and Netflix. It becomes really easy to take a nap. It becomes really easy to decide to do the laundry all day and clean your home.

When you dress up, you show up. If I told you half of your success comes from your self-image would you believe me? When we dress up (and I don’t mean a ball gown, I’m talking jeans and a cute top) and show up there’s a difference in how you feel and that translates into every aspect of your business.

As I write this post, I could very easily be hanging out in my yoga pants and a hoodie. I’m just sitting at my dining room table with a cup of coffee and by my balcony, who would care if I was in my PJ’s still? No one honestly would care. Instead, I threw on jeans, a cute shirt, and a cardigan. I even threw on shoes for today. You know how I feel? Different than I did an hour ago. I feel way more motivated. I feel more confident. I’m sitting taller. All I did was throw on some comfy jeans and a sweater.

I promise when you get dressed and start showing up, your business will be different. This all comes down to your CEO Mindset. How many CEO’s (and yes, you are a CEO) do you know to show up to their office in sweatpants? I’m betting it’s 0. Why? Because they’re running a successful company (hopefully). You don’t need to be in a suit every day but just making that little extra effort to get dressed every day makes an impact.

When you put in that little extra effort you are really valuing yourself and the company you are building. You are respecting your empire. Ladies, start loving yourself and treating your business with respect. When you put on jeans instead of sweatpants, I promise you will naturally behave differently in your business. Throw on something cute and casual and watch your business flourish.


“Ashley Love has taking her biz knowledge, international award winning marketing techniques and passion for helping women create a life they love and created The Classy CEO. Ashley helps women own their CEO role and create a thriving business that is true to them. She has 4 degrees and has plans to get a 5th, maybe a 6th. She’s worked with everyone from Senators to the American Lung Association to solopreneurs. Her biggest goal is to help women truly have it all.”  Check out more of Ashley’s work on her blog, The Classy CEO!

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5 thoughts on “how you dress impacts how you show up in your business.

    1. Thank you so much Victoria! When you dress good, you feel good. And When you feel good, you do good! 🙂

    1. I am so glad that you enjoyed this post & that you love my blog! On days when I wonder if I have the hang of this whole thing comments like this make me smile 🙂

  1. Thanks so much ladies! I love chatting about fashion and entrepreneurship. I firmly believe it’s a lifestyle to run a business and fashion is a huge factor <3

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