Bootay Bag Subscription!

Life’s too short to wear mediocre underwear.

This is a sponsored post. I received this product free from Bootay Bag in return for an HONEST review. 

Subscription services are the hottest product in the shopping market right now! Makeup, meals, fitness, pet, and even contact lenses are all items you can receive delivered to your home as a subscription service. I have previously signed up for birchbox and ipsy makeup subscriptions and I loved the convenience and the surprise of getting new beauty products delivered to my door. Any product you can think of more than likely has some kind of subscription service for. My new found love and probably my most favorite subscription service is “Bootay Bag!”

Bootay Bag is a subscription service that delivers two undies to your door each month. You have complete control over the undies that are sent to you with the option to choose “always thongs”, “never thongs” or “mix it up” and the size that you need. The best part of Bootay Bag is that it is a service that is realistically affordable. You pay $12 a month for two adorable and in style pairs of undies that ship FREE to you home! Yes, ladies, the shipping is FREE!

Feel like snapping a selfie for Bootay Bag? If so, they donate a $1 to the Melanoma Foundation! I love companies that donate to a good cause and as many selfies as I take, I will definitely snap one in support. As a woman, I feel like you can never have enough undies. I don’t know about you, but most of the time I feel like I don’t even know where all of my undies go. It’s like they just disappear into thin air, with no trace of them in sight. With Bootay Bag, I like the thought of knowing that I will be adding two pairs of sexy undies to my collection each month! Here are my two pairs of undies for the month of June! Be sure to visit Bootay Bag to subscribe!

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3 inspired “magazine worthy” coffee table ideas!

“Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.” 

Raise your hand if you are a serial re-decorator?! Me…. I’m raising my hand high!! As a serial re-decorator, I get bored with my decor super fast, I like to change decor with every season, and I’m constantly rearranging furniture because there always has to be a “better layout.” To go along with this condition, I also have a very tight budget to spend on home decor. Hmmmmmm….. kind of a problem, right?

Actually, no! It’s not a problem! Sometimes you have to think creatively and outside of the box. You have to realize there is beauty if anything if you choose to see it and can draw attention to it!

A simple way to re-decorate is with your coffee table! Let’s talk coffee table trays! These can change the vibe of an entire room, and can be done on a shoe string budget! Why do I think a tray is necessary for a coffee table? Well for starters, it draws your eye to it. A tray also shows the viewer that the items in the tray are special, beautiful, collected, and meant to bring a feeling of happiness. Whether or not you can afford to buy a tray or are crafty and can make one, there are many ways to use everyday items as trays. A picture frame, an old mirror, a few blocks of wood, a round placemat are all great ideas for trays you can find around your home without having to buy one!

Now let’s talk styling! I like to follow these simple guidelines for what to place on your tray for style. Books, something with height, something living (or that looks living) and something sentimental. I challenge you to find these items and make your very own tray!

I’ve styled the same coffee table here with 3 different trays but following my guidelines. You can see my choice of trays are very different but all draw attention to the collection of objects.

The first tray has every day nonspecific style. I feel I could use the tray in any season. This tray was a $9.99 Walmart find. The books had covers but I took them off to make them look just a tad older and tied them with twine. The greenery was from an old floral arrangement I found in my attic. For height, I used an old candle holder that I could never find the right spot for and last, the copper mug was given to me as a gift from a sweet friend.

Next, I used an old round mirror spray painted white. (Spray paint is a must for a serial re-decorator….. but that’s a whole post in itself!) I was going for a summer look. I found a book that had a beach scene on the cover with lots of vibrant colors. The round wooden object I found for about $4 at TJ Maxx a few years back and it adds the height I wanted. The coffee mug from my kitchen cabinet makes a great vase for my “living things.” And this coral was a piece another friend gave me a long time ago. Doesn’t this tray have summer written all over it?

The last tray I styled was actually the cheapest. I found some random pieces of wood in my garage and made a square tray which again adds height to my objects, drawing attention to them. I used an ice cream container as a vase with real flowers from my friend’s yard. The books were old books from my home and my sentimental piece is a small painted piece of pottery one of my kids painted. Oh yes, and for height, a spray painted and distressed candle holder. No candle needed! It really doesn’t get much cheaper than that! And that ice cream was delicious, too!

Let me know what you think of these trays and feel free to send me pictures of your own styled trays! I love getting inspiration from others! And if anyone needs me to eat ice cream so they can have a vase….. let me know…. I got you!



” Erin is a wife, mom, and serial redecorator. She discovered her love for decorating at the age of ten when she finally got her own bedroom. She would stay up at night drawing plans for the new layout of her bedroom and spend the following day rearranging her room. After a month, she would do it all again! To this day, she’s still drawing out plans, rearranging, repainting, and redecorating! “I love how paint can completely change the mood of any room” and she really loves helping friends with their spaces! Follow Erin on Instagram to see more home decor ideas for any budget!”

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How to tackle comfy fashion!

There is beauty in simplicity!

This is a guest post by Emma @ The Amateurs Guide to Fashion.


The worst thing that can happen to you is when you are in seriously comfy, warm joggers and then you suddenly remember you have to start getting ready for your date with that boy you met on Tinder. You might immediately assume that you need to take off your warm fluffy joggers and slip into a tight itchy skirt which will annoy the hell out of you but damn makes your butt look good. What if I told you there was an alternative? Being comfy on your date WHILE still wearing your joggers. Yes, ladies, this is possible.

You just need to think cunningly. Here I have styled my Topshop joggers, which yes have leopards on them, with a black v neck bodysuit and black heels. Most people don’t know that I ate last night’s dinner wearing them and they still have a little stain on one of the knees from where I knelt in food. But it really doesn’t matter as really most guys don’t even notice. I even tested this and wore this on a date I recently went on. He did actually compliment my outfit (as I hide my food stained knee) which was pleasantly surprising. Therefore it is possible for anyone to dress up your joggers, this is actually a trend at the moment with many celebrities being spotted in them. I would advise wearing a clean(ish) pair of joggers and choosing a formal top and heels.

Make the pants become less like joggers and more part of the outfit. The statement piece should be a bag or heels. The top should blend directly into the joggers such as my black bodysuit or a ripped on-trend band tee. Heels I feel are a must purely because I love them and they are a perfect way to easily dress up an outfit but the whole point of this outfit is to feel comfortable so you could wear pumps or boots instead if you’re not a heels person. Overall I just want every part of your wardrobe to be versatile.

Think carefully about each piece. Think how you can wear it, what you can wear it with and when you can wear it. Particularly with joggers, right now they are extremely on trend and it is perfectly acceptable to wear joggers on a date. I hope now that you can spend that extra hour watching Netflix, not having to worry about what you are going to wear that night because you are already wearing it.


“Emma is a teenage fashion blogger who is taking you on her own style journey. She has been blogging for 2 years and writers in an informative and friendly style which will keep you coming back for more! Every outfit is thought through with immense detail and she hopes to inspire others with her quirky and cool looks to create their own. Make sure you check out Emma’s weekly outfit suggestions on her blog @ The Amateurs Guide to Fashion!



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how you dress impacts how you show up in your business.

This is a guest post by Ashley Love @ The Classy CEO

I totally get it. When you decided to ditch the 9-5 life you thought that meant ditching “normal” clothes. That meant no more slacks, no more suits, no more dresses, showering daily is optional, etc. I won’t lie to you. I LOVE my yoga pants. I love working in bed. It is one of the major perks of working from home, am I right? But what if I said the way you dress every single day impacts how your business does? Say what?! Your business success is related to your fashion choice.

I know what you’re probably thinking. “Ashley, you’re totally nuts. I work from home and sometimes in bed. If no one is going to see me, why does it matter what I wear?” What you wear matters.

So when you run a business there’s a certain set of tools you need. You need an internet connection, maybe a printer, a computer and some skill you are offering your ideal client. That’s basically all you need, right? Wrong.

When you work a 9-5, you have access to all of those above-mentioned things with one caveat. You typically have a dress code of some sort. Some offices are more relaxed than others but showing up in yoga pants is typically not an option, unless you work in a gym and if that case, carry on. The reason for the dress code is because it changes your mindset. When you put on that suit, those jeans, that dress, etc. you transform from staying at home to business. The tools do not change, your skill set does not change but your attitude about those things does.

When working from home, it is so easy to stay in your yoga pants but what happens when you do that? It also becomes easy to stay on the couch and Netflix. It becomes really easy to take a nap. It becomes really easy to decide to do the laundry all day and clean your home.

When you dress up, you show up. If I told you half of your success comes from your self-image would you believe me? When we dress up (and I don’t mean a ball gown, I’m talking jeans and a cute top) and show up there’s a difference in how you feel and that translates into every aspect of your business.

As I write this post, I could very easily be hanging out in my yoga pants and a hoodie. I’m just sitting at my dining room table with a cup of coffee and by my balcony, who would care if I was in my PJ’s still? No one honestly would care. Instead, I threw on jeans, a cute shirt, and a cardigan. I even threw on shoes for today. You know how I feel? Different than I did an hour ago. I feel way more motivated. I feel more confident. I’m sitting taller. All I did was throw on some comfy jeans and a sweater.

I promise when you get dressed and start showing up, your business will be different. This all comes down to your CEO Mindset. How many CEO’s (and yes, you are a CEO) do you know to show up to their office in sweatpants? I’m betting it’s 0. Why? Because they’re running a successful company (hopefully). You don’t need to be in a suit every day but just making that little extra effort to get dressed every day makes an impact.

When you put in that little extra effort you are really valuing yourself and the company you are building. You are respecting your empire. Ladies, start loving yourself and treating your business with respect. When you put on jeans instead of sweatpants, I promise you will naturally behave differently in your business. Throw on something cute and casual and watch your business flourish.


“Ashley Love has taking her biz knowledge, international award winning marketing techniques and passion for helping women create a life they love and created The Classy CEO. Ashley helps women own their CEO role and create a thriving business that is true to them. She has 4 degrees and has plans to get a 5th, maybe a 6th. She’s worked with everyone from Senators to the American Lung Association to solopreneurs. Her biggest goal is to help women truly have it all.”  Check out more of Ashley’s work on her blog, The Classy CEO!

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Spring Necessities: Caffeine, Mascara & Booties!

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will. ” – Anne Klien

Love this Tunic? Purchase it Here! 


Thursday morning. After hitting my snooze button 7 times and a restless night sleep, I open my eyes thankful for the day ahead. Blessed I have the opportunity to put in countless hours to make my dreams come true. I grab my phone and open the weather app. Hoping today will be the day that it feels like Spring time. I often long for the fresh bloomed flowers, morning crisp air, birds chirruping and sunshine lately. To my disappointment, I will be lucky if it hits thirty degrees today and its calling for snow flurries. Couldn’t ask for better weather on the day you have a Spring fashion photo shoot scheduled!

So much like my everyday life, I improvised. Changed a few outfits, looked for new locations to shoot at  and I was on my way to meet the photographer! Life is often full of minor setbacks. but, don’t allow minor setbacks to affect you in major ways. Put a smile on, double up on your usual morning dose of coffee, and give yourself a pep talk. I can do this! I will do this!

I love spring for its fashion versatility. Pair a light tunic with leggings, the cutest pair of booties ever and throw on a vest for the crisp morning air. By afternoon remove the vest and you are all ready for an outdoor afternoon lunch with the girlfriends! Booties are the “it” item for spring. Pair with cuffed jeans, a cute dress, or even a mid-length skirt to dress up any casual outfit.

I am in love with these from Two Hearts Boutique! They are on sale for a limited time only and if you use code #AGORGEOUSCHAOS at checkout, you receive 10% off your purchase!

Another necessity during Spring time is graphic tees! Graphic tees have become an obsession of mine and I love how I can express my personality through them. Who doesn’t love a tee that states “No Coffee, No Talkie”? I use it as my fair warning that I am not a morning person until I have consumed my whole Dunkin Doughnuts iced coffee. I find myself reaching a lot for my “Caffeine & Mascara” graphic tee from Two Hearts Boutique. Since, I can’t go a day without coffee, diet coke, and mascara, I find this very fitting. I love pairing this graphic tees with cuffed distressed jeans and pointed toe heels. Just the right amount of class and sassy for me!  I love these jeans! You can buy a “Caffeine & Mascara” graphic tee here! Not only is it adorable, but super comfy.

What do you find yourself reaching for this season? I am excited to share even more of my Spring necessities with you as the weeks go on. I wanted to share a few pictures of my Spring photo shoot down below. Big thanks to my photographer Gabby Breegle, she was such a pleasure to work with and I loved how she captured these moments for me. Contact her to capture your moments.


Caffeine Mascara & Booties!

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Fashion Friday! Transitioning from Winter to Spring.

Spring is finally approaching us! Although it doesn’t feel like it here in PA as I woke up to inches of snow on the ground. As much as I hate the winter weather, I am glad that I live in a state that experiences all of the four seasons. I love the fresh crisp air smell, the flowers, and the start of the sunshine that Spring brings. With the fresh start of a new season drawing near it is time to change out your closet.

“I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet.” – Carrie Bradshaw

The transition from Winter to Spring can be a little tough. You can’t completely get rid of your long sleeves, light jackets, and jeans. Spring brings chilly early mornings and late nights. My suggestion to you is to pack away any heavy warm clothing, put your above the ankle boots away and rid your wardrobe of any heavy scarves, hats, and gloves.

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a little retail therapy never hurt nobody!



go get your shop on !

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